La Vie En Rose

The coolest colour to have in your home right now?

It has to be pink!


It is curious how the meaning of colours has changed over time. Pink relationship with gender has long been challenged.

pink collage

In the 19th century, girls started to dress in powder blue, and Pink became the colour for boys.

In the 1940s marketers decided pink was the colour for girls.

Jayne Mansfield, Hollywood star of the 1950s had her home referred to as The Pink Palace.

India Mahdavi, today’s designer extraordinaire, created the decor for the trendy Sketch in London, using swathes of marshmallow velvet.

pink interiors
pink interiors B

If pink has recently been a colour of high fashion, in interior design it is breaking free of gender stereotypes. Scandinavian brands have embraced it wholeheartedly.

Pink is now a colour that men are happy wearing and might even consider for their homes.

men in pink


It’s a colour who goes very well paired with darker colours – black, brown or cobalt. Mixed with yellow, orange, lime green, terracotta it adds strength and drama. It becomes dusty and romantic mixed with white, soft grey, silver.


They say pink and red don’t go together… They do.

pink and red copy

It can be adapted to any interiors, traditional or contemporary.

As we use our homes not just as a place we live and breathe, but often as a place to escape from our hard edge existence, pink environment creates a sensation of energy and well being. It brings calm and serenity.

Therefore, who could resist the power of pink?