Back to Nature


With the recent G20 summit, and the passionate protests of Teen – Eco, it’s a fitting time to consider a NATURAL home. Nature is very much on trend this year, and hopefully here to stay.

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The inspiration comes from a rustic country cottage with a thatched roof, or a boathouse on a beach, sand dunes and desert ravines, sunsets over the ocean…

It’s about escaping from today’s hectic world and finding freedom, authenticity, and simplicity, a bohemian lifestyle of a sort.

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The eco-friendly materials to use are reclined and floating woods, old stones, bricks, sisal, bamboo, seagrass, clay, rattan, terracotta, cord… as well as natural fibers – linen and cotton.

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The colours: neutral organic tones, as well as brown, orange, sand, ochre, rust, terracotta, all the warm spice tones, as well as whites and indigo blues…


Handcrafts are also very much on-trend. Skills and techniques are not appreciated just for their charm, but because the old age traditions and process are often more sustainable.

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Kitchen utensils in wood or glazed earthware
MOM Designs
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Ralph Lauren

Tie-dye African style is very much on-trend.

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It’s about capturing and recreating a lifestyle, maybe – just maybe, as it used to be.