Yves Klein

Blue has so many connotations:     

Blue sky, Blue sea, Blue eyes, Blue blood, Blue jeans, Blue films, Royal Blue, Blue Danube, Blue Mountain, Out of the Blue, Boy band Blue, Yves Klein Blue, Rhapsody in Blue, Picasso Blue Period, Marlene Blue Angel, Elvis Blue suede shoes Frida Kahlo Blue house, Blue train to Sth of France, La Grande Bleue (The Med), Les Bleus (French national football team) YSL’s Majorelle Blue Garden, Puingoin Bleu (my favourite beach in South of France).

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Often one dreams of colours, but rarely dares. Colours not only make our home more beautiful but also embellish our daily lives. And good news, it’s a trend. After years of beige and grey dominating, today sees the return of bright colours.
So, let’s think of blue, but not just any BLUE. 
Forget last year’s coastal chic and pretty pastels, think COBALT BLUE and INDIGO.
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BeFunky-collage (19)
Strong blue has recently taken over the pages of magazines. It brings contemporary touches to the home. The inspiration comes from Yves Klein, Henry Matisse, Le Corbusier, as well as Chinese porcelain and Delftware. And it’s a great combo with another shade of the moment, dusty pink.
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If blue is considered a cold colour, it brings serenity and freshness to a decor. Therefore it’s especially suitable for rooms to relax, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.


It is reputed as enlarging spaces and therefore also recommended for narrow rooms, such as corridors and bathrooms.

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But blue can be easily warmed up, mixed with warm materials – a wooden floor, a brick wall, a wool rug, a velvet sofa or a leather chair. It can then be paired with white or pastels.
For drama, use a warm colour as a contrast-  burgundy, red,  shocking pink, orange, sharp green yellow, turquoise, or soft pastels. Opposites attract one another. But, if two colours can be a good combination, never use more than three.
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Blue is cool.